Founded in 2012, Les Vents Atlantiques (LVA) is an initiative based in The Netherlands. The organization is comprised of an international group of musicians with the aim of performing classical repertoire as close as possible to how the music must have sounded at the time of composition. To this end, the musicians play on the instruments that would have been used originally during each composer’s lifetime and show the diversity and evolution of instrumental development over the past 500 years. Each performance combines research and a great sense of empathy, so that the music is played as close as possible to how it should have sounded originally.
LVA does not limit itself to baroque or “early” music alone, but also deals with the historically informed music practice of later times, up to the 21st century. Special attention is paid to composers with a fascination for instruments from earlier times. The musicians of LVA see their collaboration as a laboratory in which they challenge and inspire each other, outside the mainstream of classical music.
After a number of years of success with different ensembles on various stages (see previous performances), LVA now concentrates under the name Heliosfero on performances with a variably composed ensemble and a music academy. Their common goal is to propagate their passion for the historical approach to music worldwide through performances, educational activities and recordings.[:]