Heliosfero (formerly Symphonie Atlantique) is a reawakened ensemble which aims to change the presentation and accessibility of Classical Music throughout the world. Founded by violinist Rebecca Huber, the ensemble empowers and enables audiences and aspiring musicians by providing access to and participation in concerts, lessons, lectures, and masterclasses.

The ensemble’s name Heliosfero means heliosphere, the solar sphere of our solar system, in Esperanto, the international language of the world. The term describes the reach within which humans have sent our music up until this point in history.  

Based in The Netherlands, the ensemble hopes to share the strong musical traditions and educational system of Holland to new music lovers, both in the Netherlands and in any place people have access to the internet. The ensemble consists of a small group of experienced professional musicians who perform a wide variety of repertoire with a changeable number of musicians.

Heliosfero demonstrates the entire range of early music performance, from the Renaissance to contemporary music through the individual expertise of its core members.   Heliosfero recognizes the need to introduce new audiences to Classical Music. By providing music in a variety of formats from live concerts to online lessons, Heliosfero believes that audiences around the world for this music genre will continue to grow.  

Heliosfero’s members teach at prestigious musical institutions including the Hague Conservatory, McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, and the National University of Mexico and present their research, masterclasses and workshops worldwide. Heliosfero aims to connect musicians, students and listeners around the world in person and through digital means.  

Heliosfero plays in a variety of settings from traditional concert halls, to more intimate settings such as galleries, cafes and private homes. The ensemble hopes to expand its audiences by live streaming every performance or by providing access on YouTube or other media platforms for the world’s audience. Whether Heliosfero performs in a cafe or the Concertgebouw, the musicians approach every performance with the same passion, maintaining our standard of musical excellence.  

Besides giving lectures and informative introductions to the pieces which are played in every concert, the engaging way of playing is one that aims to involve the public actively in the music. Every audience member is considered a music expert; after all, it is the individual which will feel if he or she is touched by a performance. We respect our audience and believe that every human is musical.