The musical world has evolved since we first began Les Vents Atlantique in 2012 and so have we. Heliosfero is a continuation and a metamorphosis of years of work and growth as an ensemble. It is an ensemble with a new name for a changing time but it is still the same team of founding members since our foundation. We have evolved from our years of experience as performers, teachers, programmers and organizers and this ensemble reflects our growth. The core of this evolution is the desire and ambition to “broaden” old (er) music, geographically, worldwide and socially, with reach in all layers of the population. The name of the new ensemble reflects our mission. Online communication and digital techniques play an important role in the intended method.

Heliosfero is a new ensemble, founded in 2020 by violinist Rebecca Huber, located in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Heliosfero’s main aim is to improve the accessibility of classical music all over the world. Heliosfero wants to achieve this by promoting the participation in concerts, lessons, lectures and master classes, both for the public and for (starting) professional musicians, often using the internet, regardless of location or socio-economic circumstances. The ensemble, which emerged from the ensemble Les Vents Atlantiques, based in the Netherlands, hopes to share the strong musical traditions and the Dutch educational system with new music lovers, all over the world where people have access to the internet.

“Heliosfero” is Esperanto for “heliosphere”, the solar sphere of our solar system. This name, in the international language of the world, refers to the reach of our music to date: with Voyager probes, some of the most famous pieces of music have been transported from the earth through space to the heliosphere. The name reflects Heliosfero‘s ambition to reach as far as possible to bring the beauty of classical music to everyone.

Heliosfero offers classical music in as many different forms as possible, from live concerts to online lessons. We believe this is the best way to keep captivating audiences all over the world and getting new audiences interested in this music genre.

Heliosfero performs in a variety of settings, from traditional concert halls to more intimate places such as galleries, cafes and private homes. By streaming each performance live and / or presenting it digitally on its own YouTube channel or on other public platforms, the ensemble aims to maximize its audience worldwide.

Whether Heliosfero performs in a cafe or in the Concertgebouw, the musicians approach every performance with the same passion and maintain our standard of musical excellence.

Heliosfer mainly focuses on expanding its network in countries that integrate new early music programs into their music education and concert circuit.

Heliosfero works with a small core of permanent musicians, supplemented for each project by different instrumentalists, depending on the desired line-up.

Artistic director Rebecca Huber teaches string quartets in the early music department of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. In addition, she has traveled to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil in recent years. She regularly collaborates with Academia de Musica Antigua (AMA) in Mexico and teaches at the Oficina de Musica in Curitiba (Brazil).

Educational director Joanna Marsden teaches baroque flute at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music in MontrĂ©al. She regularly gives lectures and master classes in North America and Europe.

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Based on their broad experience of teaching in a variety of settings, Huber and Marsden want Heliosfero to “democratize” access to excellent music education. Their dream is to convey their passion to people in countries where access to early music specialists has been limited to date, and to create opportunities to learn from and play together with internationally renowned musicians.

Heliosfero is working on plans for collaboration with youth orchestras, amateur choirs, university orchestras and new professional orchestras in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

In early 2021 Heliosfero will open an online music school for aspiring musicians. Everyone who passes the audition will have access to the training. For whom cost is a problem, support is arranged through fundraising.