Les Vents Atlantiques is a charity

ANBI_zwartThe Les Vents Atlantiques foundation has been named a charity by the Dutch tax authority, we are a cultural ANBI (a cultural public benefit organisation). This status reflects that the tax authority acknowledges that we comply with their standards and grants us tax benefits when it comes to gifts, donations and inheritances. Donors and benefactors of the foundation can deduct a 125% of their donation if they pay taxes in the Netherlands.

The Dutch tax authority has an database of all charities with the ANBI-status which you can use to look us up: belastingdienst.nl > anbi zoeken

Obligations and conditions

To be eligible to get an ANBI-status you have to comply with the rules the Dutch tax authority sets. belastingdienst.nl > which conditions must be met by PBO?

Disclosure requirement:

Our foundation complies with the disclosure requirement of the Dutch tax authority. You can find this information on our website under the heading ‘Foundation’