Heliosfero is a new period instrument ensemble initiative based in The Netherlands which performs under the artistic leadership of violinist Rebecca Huber. Heliosfero’s aim is to show the variety of chamber music, instruments and repertoire that have evolved from the 1600s until today. Heliosfero’s core group of musicians each bring their own research and expertise to every program and learn and inspire each other through collaboration.

The ensemble also works in tandem with the Heliosfero Music Academy, under the direction of Joanna Marsden, and together they strive to improve the accessibility of classical music around the world. The ensemble and the music academy want to achieve this jointly through public performances and also by offering lessons, lectures and masterclasses for aspiring professional musicians, regardless of location or socio-economic circumstances. Lessons are available in person or online so there is no limit to who can apply.

The name Heliosfero means “heliosphere”, the solar sphere of our solar system, in Esperanto, the international language of the world. This refers to the reach our music already has, where Voyager probes have transported some world-famous terrestrial pieces of music through space to the heliosphere. The name conveys Heliosfero’s mission to reach as far as possible to bring the beauty of classical music to everyone.

Heliosfero recognizes the need to introduce new audiences to classical music. By offering music in a variety of formats, from live concerts to online classes, Heliosfero believes that audiences around the world for this music genre will continue to grow.

Heliosfero plays in a variety of settings, from traditional concert halls to more intimate environments such as galleries, cafes and private homes. The ensemble hopes to expand its audience by live streaming each performance or by providing access on YouTube or other media platforms to the world’s audience. Whether Heliosfero performs in a café or in the Concertgebouw, the musicians approach every performance with the same passion and maintain our standard of musical excellence.

Heliosfero is focused growing a local audience in The Netherlands as well as expanding its network in countries that integrate new early music programs into their educational and concert circuit.