• Musicians who are not freelancers (ie. who do not have a VAR-wuo) can be paid using the ‘kleinevergoedingsregeling’ up to a maximum of € 163,- per performance. No taxes or social premiums are paid over this amount.
  • Paid wages (€ 163,- or less) are a gross amount and count as income! The IRS receives notification every time this arrangement is used. Musicians are also required do declare this as income, so unless you have enough deductibles you will have to pay income taxes later.
  • We are only allowed to use the ‘kleinevergoedingsregeling’ if you want to use this arrangement. You can also choose to use this arrangement for a amount lower than €163.
  • The rest of your fee (if it exceeds € 163,-) will be payrolled.

  What we need from you:

  • Explicit consent that says you want to use the KVR.
  • Een kopie (scan) van een identiteitskaart of paspoort

Further INFORMATIon about payment: