Model contract employment relationship

There used to be the VAR wuo, but from 01-05-2016 this has been replaced by the model agreement for self-employed musicians. For detailed information, please refer to the website of the Dutch tax authority, what follows is not a complete summary.

We use a model agreement made by the Belastingdienst registered under number 9101586370-1. You can download it here: Model contract employment relationship LVA. After completing the form and printing and signing it, you can send it back to us.

By using a model agreement, we are assured (and confirm) that the musician is not in our employ and that we do not need to pay your taxes. This is why we previously asked you to provide the VAR-wuo.

For the musicians who use this agreement it is very important to realize that this model contract in no way confirms or states that you are self employed. This is subject to many other rules (same as before). Musicians themselves are responsible for choosing the correct payment method. If the musician is not self employed we use payrolling or in some instances we pay a gross amount to foreign musicians.

If you want information about the rules for self-employed, you can check out or on the belastingdienst.