The Les Vents Atlantiques foundation finds it very important to share early music with others. Not only by fascilitating concerts, but also by involving the public in performances.

Besides giving lectures and giving informative introductions to the pieces which are played, the way of playing is one that aims to involve the public in the music. In addition, the ensembles Les Vents Atlantiques facilitates also go into schools and organize workshops and concerts for both amateurs and conservatory students. They give master classes all over the world and there are plans to write and to carry out an opera to from start to finish with pupils.

The starting point is that we try to involve everyone in the music, from the perpective of the listener/participant. Everyone is considered a music expert, after all, it is the individual which will feel if he or she is touched by a performance, if it’s something they like or find interesting. We certainly do not want to adjust the ‘level’ (i.e. lower it), we want to respect the audience: every human is musical.