Profile Chairman Foundation Les Vents Atlantiques


We are looking for a chairman (m / f) who is able to share knowledge and experience with a young, enthusiastic generation of cultural carriers.

The chairman is asked for interest in, and involvement in, the goals of the foundation in the field of music from around 1600 to 1800, performed by especially young, specialized and professional musicians.

In addition to the usual administrative tasks, such as leading the board meeting (now four members), the chairman plays a supporting role for the artistic and business leaders of the ensemble-based ensembles, with the more executive role.


The chairman:

  • preferably has experience in managing a cultural institution;
  • has knowledge of the (professional) music market and, if possible, has a political and / or financial network. Knowledge of / experience with fundraising is a pro;
  • supervises the implementation of the Foundation’s policy outlets;
  • is able to work together with the other board members in a team context;
  • can execute the management policy both internally and externally;
  • can control the main lines and keep distance to the organization;
  • gives space to the executives of the operational policy;
  • can balance between critical opposition and constructive cooperation;
  • is able to assess strategic bases and knows by asking critical questions to keep the organization in a position.

Board members are not paid.
If you are interested or would you like to know more: